Friday Find ~ Crispy Sage


Fresh sage leaves.


If I had to pick one herb that says  Thanksgiving to me, it would be sage.  And lucky for me, my sage plant is still ok…so I have been using it like crazy! It’s this simple….wash the leaves and dry them. Put them on a microwaveable plate.  Nuke for 2 minutes.  Be careful…the plate will be very hot.  Let cool slightly and crumble.  That’s it!!!   I’ve used the sage in the kabocha squash recipe I posted earlier this week.  It’s also perfect in stuffing.  Or use it to top your fave pumpkin or squash soup…it tastes great and makes an impressive presentation!


sage micro

The sage leaves after they’ve been microwaved.


Inspiration came from Martha Stewart’s Sage Popcorn….now I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to popcorn, so the verdict is out on that.  But crumbled fresh sage will add a perfect layer of flavor to many of your Thanksgiving dishes!


sage crumbled