Friday Find ~ Faux Leather Leggings

faux leather

Photo courtesy of Zara


So, I’ll be honest….I’ve been debating whether I can pull off faux leather leggings!  They are everywhere this fall and I do love the look.  I’m liking that they are a bit rock and roll and yet you can soften them with a faux fur vest (I know, that’s a lot of faux in one outfit, but it works!), or comfy oversize sweater!

I decided to go for it!  They will only be worn with longer tops…remember, leggings aren’t pants!!  There are so many styles and price points out there, so I opted to go for Zara’s at $59.90 (click here).  This could be a one season deal, so I’m happy with this middle of the road version.  I’m told these will stretch out, so I bought them a bit snug.  A great thing about this style is that the have zips on the inside of the ankles…so much easier for pulling on and off!  What makes this find even sweeter is that Zara’s online store offers free shipping on orders over $50!  Sound good?


faux leather2

Photo courtesy of Zara