Christmas Photo Cards

Christmas cards


No one shoot me….I am going to talk about Christmas!  Hey, it’s going to be November this week!  But really this is meant to reduce stress and make the holidays more enjoyable!  As a kid, I remember my mom spending hours filling out and addressing Christmas cards…it was a huge job!  I also remember my dad coming home from work at dinner time and reading all of the Christmas cards that had arrived in the mail.


The art of writing long, personal notes in Christmas cards is fading…I think our lives a just a bit too busy.  Since our kids have been very little, we have often had family photos taken and made into Christmas cards.   I’ve found it’s a quick way to send out cards (you just have to address the envelopes, no note necessary!) and it’s still personal in that you are sharing your family with others.  I love receiving photo cards at Christmas.  I display them on the bulletin board by my computer.  Often when people come over they look at my board and we find out people we know in common!
Another great benefit is that it gives you a deadline to get your family photos done!!  How often have I said, we have to get photos done, but you don’t book and time slips away.  Christmas gives you a deadline to get ‘er done!


Jason from Revival Arts Studio has been taking pics of our family and Lo’s family for many well as our extended family!  He and his wife Darcie work together and do an amazing job of capturing your family at it’s best…even if you maybe thought the shoot didn’t go well!!  I’ll admit, I’ve been stressed during one or two family sessions…the kids aren’t cooperating (seriously, just SMILE, I say through my clenched teeth!) and usually someone isn’t happy about the outfit they had to wear…you know how it goes!  But honestly, Jason just keeps snapping and I’ve been amazed at what he’s captured.


Here’s my fave shot from our family session last year….


Pam Ratzlaff Family session at Pepper Farm


We call it our super hero pic!!


Revival Arts Studio creates custom photo Christmas cards…I love that they are modern, clean, non-traditional and artistic….at least that’s the route I went.  Jason can create pretty much anything you like!  Here’s our Christmas card from last year…Oh, and he’s a pretty good magician too…he made my wrinkles disappear!




We have a sweet deal for our Sugar Plum Sisters…when you book a session before this November 5th, Revival Arts Studio will include 25 free custom holiday cards valued at $100.  But don’t wait to book…you need to set up a shoot date by November 5, 2013 and have your session by November 12, 2013 in order to preview your photos and order so that you have time to mail them out!  Click here to book your session.


Revival Arts Studio is more than just a family photographer.  They have also done head shots for my girls, photos of buildings for my husband and incredible landscape shots!  You can check out their online galleries here.