Sweet Start

i wouldn’t rightfully be from Vancouver if i didn’t talk about the weather. THE RAIN! No, really…even this west coast girl has been a little in awe of just how much water has hit the ground in the last two days! it’s been a bit crazy town. Am i the only one who feels their body threatening hibernation?

To fight the blues this past weekend, i spent some time “trolling” for ideas to get me outta my funk..and so i thought i’d share my rainy day cheer with you!

fall rain

image via Rene Yoshi


~Ice cream during autumn? You got it..i think this would be perfect with some homemade apple pie.

~Umm a no carving pumpkin party? Yes please.

~You’ve heard i’m loving camo right now… this is why!

~Enamored with this mani..and plan on trying it this week.

~Who knew Sperry doesn’t just make boat shoes? These rain boots are completely awesome.

~Stumbled upon this site..and so glad i did. Beautiful photos. Peaceful. Inspring.

~Movie night popcorn just got amped up with this recipe.

~Considering making my family room a wee bit more cozy with these throw pillows..whatcha think?


These “finds” gave me my sweet start to the week, gray skies and all. Hope they inspire you too! xo