Nectarines, Prosciutto and Brie Appie

nectarine bite


To celebrate Labor Day, Lo had a barbecue with family and friends….it was the perfect opportunity for me to put together an appie!  I was inspired by a picture of a salad that my friend Sarah from The Curated House had posted.  It had peaches and prosciutto.  That was the jumping off point to create an appie with  grilled nectarines, prosciutto and brie…a trifecta of yummy flavors!

Here’s what I did…

Rip up pieces of prosciutto and stack them on a white serving platter.  Have the barbie turned on to medium high heat.

Half  ripe nectarines.  I opted for nectarines over peaches as I’m not a big fan of the fuzzy peach skin, but go with whatever you prefer.  Slice up some baguette into about  half  inch thick slices.  Place the nectarines on the barbecue skin side down first.  Leave them on long enough to get some nice grill marks happening.  Turn them and then add the baguette to the grill to get toasted…watch it closely, it doesn’t take long.


baguette and nectarines


Flip the baguette slices once the first side is toasted.  Once the baguette is done, put a wheel of brie on the barbecue. Again, turn it once it develops grill marks.  Watch this closely too…you just want the brie to get a little soft but don’t over do it.  Turn and grill on the other side too.


brie and nectarines


Plate the prosciutto, nectarines and brie together.  Serve it with the toasted baguette.  I had a basket of crackers as well, including some gluten-free Mary’s Organic Crackers.  And I also had a bottle of balsamic glaze to add another layer of flavor.




This is so simple and quick to put together and while the good weather lasts and the barbie is still out, I’m hoping to make it a few more times.  Grilling the nectarines makes them even sweeter and barbecuing the baguette and the brie adds a nice smokey flavor!!  Really a great combo…and it looks pretty too!