FlyOver Canada


Blue Mountain Vineyard in Okanagan Falls, B.C. Photo courtesy of FlyOver Canada


We live about an hour east of Vancouver and have found ourselves in the city much more than usual this summer. The girls have been doing some dance intensives so Jason, Mac and I have been tourists in our own town!

I had heard about the FlyOver Canada attraction and thought it might be fun for Mac and I to give it a whirl….or ride!


FlyOver Canada

Mac and I enjoyed the whole FlyOver Canada experience including the vignettes along The Canadian Trail….and kissing the bear!


It is a flight simulated experience that takes you on a ride from the east coast of Canada moving to the west. It was designed by the same architect who created Soarin’ Over California at Disney’s California Adventure Park and uses the newest, most up to date technology! The experience is made up of three parts and is a total of about 30 minutes. Not only do you truly feel like you are flying into a massive dome screen but you also experience mist as your are going through the clouds and smells! It’s super realistic with the floor disappearing under your feet as you “take off”! Make sure to stow your belongings in the basket under your seat and don’t lose your flip flops (I kept telling Mac to scrunch his toes!).


Lake of Hanging Glaciers, B.C. Photo courtesy of FlyOver Canada


FlyOver Canada is located at Canada Place….a spectacular setting on the water with the North Shore Mountains in view. You can purchase tickets in advance online and I highly recommend doing that especially during the summer as many port visitors take in this attraction as it is adjacent to the cruise ship terminal. General admission for adults is $19.90, students are $17.90 and children under 12 are $14.90 when you purchase online (click here). They do offer “priority boarding tickets” where you book a specific day with a one hour time frame that you will arrive at the attraction and you get to bypass the line. It’s an extra $2/ticket but definitely worth it during tourist season (click here). The ride is open daily from 10am to 9pm.

FlyOver Canada was the highlight of our day in the city! Mac loved it and I left feeling so proud of Canada….I didn’t want the ride to end. I even felt a bit emotional! Definitely worth it!

What you have experienced in your home town this summer that you would recommend?