What Do We Really Do?

Recently, Corrin Skalbeck, from Shaw Cable’s The Seen asked if she could interview Laurel and I.  The Seen covers arts and entertainment in the Upper Fraser Valley.  She wanted to know about what we do as lifestyle bloggers….hmmm….it’s actually a question we get quite often.  It was a really great exercise for Laurel and I to talk about what we do, where our inspiration comes from and what is our goal and purpose in blogging.

Here are some highlights of our interview….


Thanks to Corrin and her team for the awesome interview (and editing…..you made us look good!).  Thanks also to our Chilliwack partners….

Lolly’s  Fashion Lounge – we LOVE Michael Kors and there is a great selection in store!

Hofstede’s Country Barn – they offer an amazing selection of fresh produce as well as a variety of gourmet food products, gluten-free products, cheeses and meats.

Decades Coffee Club – a great place to meet friends for a coffee and dessert!

Sugar Plum Sisters is something Laurel and I talked about starting for a LONG time!  We had to muster up the courage to “put ourselves out there”.   Our goal is to keep it real…sharing our successes and our failures and even our disagreements (Lo, you can’t convince me on the mouse ballet flats…sorry!)!!! We’re loving what we are doing and hope that we can help to make your life just a little bit sweeter.