Friday Find ~ Whole Bean Coffee

I seem to be posting a lot about coffee lately…..I guess I’m slightly addicted.  I have cut down to about 2 cups a day….ok, they are Americanos, so that may be equivalent to about 4 cups!  Anyways, I’m all about a really GOOD cup of coffee.  If it isn’t good, I’m not going to waste myself.  I’ve been told I make a good cup of coffee too…what’s my secret?  Safeway whole coffee beans.  Sorry Starbucks…I’ve been buying Safeway beans for years and everyone comments on it.  Lately I’ve been shopping a lot at Walmart and have purchased other whole bean coffees…it’s not the same…even ground fresh.

So, here’s my poison…

Safeway Select French Roast Italian Style Dark Roast $13.57/pound (compared to Starbucks which ranges from about $15.95-$17.95/pound).  It’s sold in bulk.


Safeway coffee

The French Roast Italian Style is on the upper left side.


It’s perfect for espresso machines, drip machines and Bodums…always grind fresh for the best cuppa joe!


  • Nancy

    I will definitely try these beans. I am a Safeway shopper and Starbucks coffee lover. Question: Do you store your whole beans in the freezer?

    • Pam

      I actually don’t store them in the freezer. I used to and then read somewhere that it’s not a good idea. I just read on this site that storing beans in the freezer can actually cause them to lose their flavor. I’ve heard the best way to store beans is in an airtight container. I am guilty of just leaving them in the bag, but there are a lot of cute airtight glass containers at the dollar store, so I may try that!