Essie’s Neon 2013 Collection

Essie neons 2013

Colors clockwise from top left…Shake Your $$ Maker (green), Boom Boom Room (pink), Bottle Service (fuchsia), DJ Play that Song (plum), Bouncer, it’s Me! (blue), Saturday Disco Fever (coral)


This last weekend, we got, hopefully, the last taste of winter weather….yes, there was a skiff of snow in some parts of the Lower Mainland. I had to break my rule of no boots after Spring Break….that’s a big dislike!

So, in protest, I painted my nails with some of Essie’s Neon 2013 Collection! You can’t help but feel happy and warm with these amazingly electric shades!

How to get the most pop out of these colors?? Follow these 4 steps…

  1. Apply a base coat to clean, dry nails
  2. Add one coat of Essie’s “Blanc”
  3. Swipe on two coats of your fave Essie neon shade
  4. Finish with one coat of Essie’s “Good to Go” top coat!

I have used these shades with and without the coat of  “Blanc”.  Without you need about three coats of polish and it gives you a slightly subtler look, which is a nice option!  With the first coat of “Blanc”, you really get a bright neon pop!

We love all the bright colors in this collection but what are our “Plum Picks”????  We adore  “Boom Boom Room”.  The first day I wore it I got no less than 4 compliments!  It’s a cotton candy pink, super happy shade, but somehow not over the top. We also love “DJ Play that Song”…neon plum…how could we not love it?…an easy shade to wear that works (and doesn’t clash) with many of this season’s neon pieces.  And “Saturday Disco Fever”….coral….nothing says summer’s a-coming like a coral pedi!

The Essie Neon 2013 Collection will be available in stores May 1, 2013.  Click here for Essie Retailers.

Thank-you SO much to Essie for sending us their Neon 2013 Collection.  We are loving the bright, fun shades and know that our readers will too!!  They are the perfect pop of neon for this season!