Coffee Profiling

A few weeks ago, Laurel got an Americano when in a hurry at the MickeyD’s drive-through.  When she got to where she was going, people were surprised that she had a McD’s cup in her hand and not a white and green one!!  Hey, I would be surprised too!!!

What does the coffee you drink say about you….or does it really say anything?  We tend to stereotype people based on the coffee they drink or the coffee we “think” they should be drinking!   That got us thinking about coffee and the stereotypes that we associate with coffee joints.  Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sitting back and observing what goes on at different coffee places…..very interesting and fun to watch!  Here’s what we’ve found…

1.  Starbucks – geek chics in search of free wifi (seriously, I’ve seen the extension cords creating tripping hazards from laptops to coveted electrical plugs!), “real housewives”, bloggers, business people killing time between appointments or having meetings!


I would fight for a really good cup of coffee!!! My daughters have inherited my love of coffee…maybe because they literally grew up going to Starbucks. They’ve graduated from kids’ hot chocolates to caramel macchiatos and vanilla bean frappuccino affogatos!  Eeks!  Photo courtesy of Revival Arts Studio

2.  Tim Hortons  – retired folks, moms whose kids wanted donuts, hockey dads (Tim Hortons cups are a staple at rinks!), sports families in general!

3.  McDonald’s – moms doing the drive through thing and just can’t bear make another stop for coffee.  McCafe has recently made McD’s an acceptable place to grab a cuppa joe!

4.  Indie coffee joints (such as The Wired Monk, )- artsy types, rebels, independents who don’t want to support the “established” chains…. their cup doesn’t need a logo on it!

5.  The “elite” coffee roasters (such as 49th Parallel Roasters, Caffe Artigiano) – coffee snobs….I can say this because I’m one.  I don’t mind paying more for a cup of joe when it comes up looking like a piece of art!

49th parallel

Coffee at 49th Parallel Roasters

Ok, now I’m guilty of totally stereotyping!!!  I’ll be honest, I’ve grabbed my coffee at all of the above!!  What’s my preference?  I love the specially crafted coffees with the designs on top.  I’m sucker for pretty things…so what can I say? Yet, I grabbed an Americano at McD’s a few weeks ago when I picking up Shamrock shakes for the kids in the drive through and I was pleasantly surprised.  That Americano was nothing to sniff at!  And I’m also known to coffee rather often at Starbucks.

But my ultimate fave….cappuccinos in Italy!  No to-go cups there!  You have to stop, sit down and enjoy your caffeine fix!

So, does the coffee you drink say anything about you??  What do you like to drink?  Do you stereotype people based on the cup they have in their hand?  Tell us what you think!