DIY Ombre Easter Eggs

Pinterest is a real problem…everytime i escape to pin-heaven i come away all crafty-like. It often ends up in big messes and less than stellar results. I think i’m almost due for a pintervention!

But this time was different. I stumbled upon these easter eggs that were right up my alley. Ombre? Oh ya! Totally suits a modern and streamlined aesthetic. I knew i had to try them. And i’m gonna gamble and say they were a success! Sisters, if i can do this? So can you! Thank you to Sugar and Charm for bringing ombre to one of my most favorite holidays!!



ombre eggs new3


You need 2 easy supplies for this DIY: Eggs and Food Coloring.

You might ask when i last colored Easter Eggs? I’m embarassed to say i couldn’t even tell you when… when my kids were small i was one of those moms who let me kids paint….only at preschool!!! Even Playdough required deep breathing…but that’s another post for another day…

ombre eggs

Begin by hardboiling your eggs and then give them a chance to completely dry and cool.

While they eggs were boiling, i prepared 8 different cups filled with equal amounts of water but different amounts of food coloring. Beginning with small amounts and gradually increasing in intensity. ***here’s where i’m going to suggest you might make your life easier and just have a couple of containers and submerge the eggs in them for differing amounts of time. Obviously, the longer the “dunk”, the deeper the color.

ombre eggs4


Dry the eggs off on a cooling rack…another great tip i found online!

 I love how simply you can display these eggs. Soft, subtle and modern all at once…

ombre eggs new2

ombre eggs new5