You’re a KEEper Valentines DIY

I’ll admit i’m not totally crafty but i’ve been thinking on this one for the last couple of weeks, something i could create  that would have some function (cuz chocolate is only temporary…necessary, but temporary!). I think this one might have some staying power!

keeper box#14

I do believe i’ve come up with a manly man “catchall” to be the home for all keys, wallet,loose change (how does he get so much loose change in a day????) and anything else Scott empties from his pockets when he walks in the door!


keeper box#1


~ wooden box  (I got mine for $5.99 at the Container Store)

~kitchen torch


Sounds pretty simple hey? Seriously, if you have the kitchen torch you’re cookin!


keeper box#4


1.  Tape the keys to the inside box in whatever random pattern you fancy


keeper box#6

2. Use the torch the burn specifically around the keys and then the rest of the box. Make sure you get right up around the edges to make the key silhouette more clear.

keeper box#7

3. I also torched a key on the outside and then hot glued one right beside just cuz i felt like it!

keeper box#8


keeper box#9


The only difficulty was trying to explain the burnt smell coming from my office. Scott was slightly concerned that there were some shenanigans happening!


keeper box#10


A little string and a tag created on my computer and DONE! I think i can throw away the red SOLO cup he’s been using for his coins, receipts and random bits and pieces…won’t be sad to see it go..


keeper box#13


keeper box#14


That’s it! Your own little catchall to let your man know he’s a “KEE”per!