New Years Sparkle

We aren’t quite done with 2012….yet! Before it goes, it’s time to celebrate! And in this vain, i’d be remiss if i didn’t have a little “bling bling” talk with you lady friends. Listen, if there’s ever a time to sparkle, it’s tonight. I know I know…some of you are sparkle-phobic, but i’m here to give you the nudge. Today is not the day to turn your back on sequins…it IS the day to embrace them! I’m not visualizing head to toe…but really, a little somethin somethin is in order for tonight! Hear me out:














Whether you inject it into your wardrobe, sprinkle it on your floor or take a sip out of it, i hope your New Year’s Eve has a little sparkle in it. Best wishes to all our family, friends and fellow “sisters”… let’s make a pact to keep the “sparkle” going into the new year, ok?


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