Mens Gift Guide

We shared our favorite gifts for the women last week… lest we forget about the guys, we give you our picks. Men, love em as we do, can be so darn hard to buy for….either their desires have incredibly high price tags..or if they are like some men in my life, the shrug of the shoulders and a grunted “i dunno” does not give one much to work with! There are some pretty neat gadgets, dooo-dads and duds (of the clothing variety!) out there, though…that i think could elicit a little excitement from the testosterone side.

Take a looky loo :


1. Shaving Kit ~ The Art of Shaving $60

2. The Click Black Keypad Watch $89.99

3. IPhone 5 case  Hex Pretty Sweet Solo Wallet $44.95

4. Pokket Mixer– for the music lover $100

5. Go Pro 3 Waterproof  $449.99

6. Lighter Cufflinks $90

7. Whiskey Rocking Glasses 24.99

8. Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtip $248

9. Stance Socks $10

10.Cashmere Sweater~ JCrew $260

For your techie and all around active guy, the Go Pro is fairly awesome! The Go Pro Camera is a small, portable camera specifically designed for sports and other similar extreme activities where every single second can be recorded. Unlike any normal camera, Go Pro HD allows you to capture the entirety of your activity frame by frame. Extremely durable, it can be used in water, snow…you name it! This gift is highly entertaining for the whole family.

For the music lover, the Pokket Mixer is, in my hubby’s words “RAD”. This little gem can bring out your inner deejay and have you mixing tunes for you and your peeps! Along the lines of ridiculously rad, the calculator watch is baaaaack! One of the most popular watches out there is this keyboard watch… are you regretting getting rid of yours back in the 80’s???

Loving the iPhone 5 case, that comes with two handy dandy slots for your credit cards.. who needs a wallet? Less bulk…no brainer

And keep your guy hot to trot: The Cole Haan wingtip oxfords are a jolt of stylish color and… some of my hubby’s most comfortable shoes! The shoes are made to go the distance. Money well spent!

Oh, and i can’t forget to mention the Lighter Cufflinks…did you hear that? Cufflinks that are actually lighters! Ummmm..seriously 007, and seriously for the guy who has it all!!!