Our Love for Stila

Yesterday evening was a smashing party if i do say so myself! The Sugarplum Sisters partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart to host a Stila Makeover bash celebrating Canada’s “Look Good Feel Better” cancer charity! Pam and i had a delightful time visiting with all the lovely lady friends that joined us! Renee, of Stila Cosmetics, wow-ed us with her master class and tips for a holiday look. I came home all inspired…now let’s see how i actually put the inspiration into action!!!Seriously, i wish i could have a “Renee” at my beck and call everytime i needed to pretty up!

Pam and i have long been Stila lovers…in fact, i remember first being introduced to the line. Why do i remember? Well, i was pregnant with our first child and the smells of the beauty department at Bloomingdales bring back some queasy memories!! Long story short, both Pam and i had our makeup done that day with Stila product..and well, 14 years later? We are still huge fans!Now that’s sayin’ something!

Here are some of the hot sellers from this evening as well as my current favourites from the Stila line:

Stila Smudge Stick in Kitten (left) and Umber (right) $29

These Smudge Sticks produce glorious results…they are striking when paired together. Umber, the darker, closer to the bottom of your lid and graduating to the lighter Kitten on the upper part of the lid. What’s the trick to applying these crayon-like products? Apply a thick line of Umber close to you eyelashes and then immediately use a brush to “feather” it out upwards. Don’t wait to do it as it sets within about 20 seconds. These two colors are my favorite and look good on most anyone!!

Stila One Step Brush #33 (left), Stila Brush Set (right)


I was sold on the the One Step Brush about a year ago when Renee introduced me to it. Why do i love it so? Well, it’s really a one brush wonder! Use the larger end to apply your base, such as the corrector or BB Cream, as well as your blush. Use the finer tip for eye shadow and lips. Seriously, one brush that does it all! This brush is worth the $42. But…. right now, Stila has a promotional brush set that retails for $36…it includes the one step brush, split into two separate brushes as well as a powder brush and 2 finer brushes that can be used for shadows, your inner eye and finer details. LOVE!!! This was a huge hit!! And would be a fabulous Christmas gift idea!!


Stila One Step Correct ~$47


I am not a foundation lover…i’ll be honest. But this correcting cream does the job for me, without leaving a heavy feeling or orangey colour. This acts as a primer, colour corrector, and brightener. The Corrector contains three colour-correcting brighteners. The green helps neutralize redness and hide blemishes, the lavender works to give an energized look to sallow undertones, while the peach brightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of sun spots. Use the one step brush or the split up version to apply to your face. I find it evens my skin out easily. This product, as well as their BB cream are favorites of mine. I choose one or the other as my base. It can be applied in seconds..also a must for me!

Stila -All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ~ $26


I used to be terrified of liquid liner…steady hands? Not me! But, this liner changed my thinking. This liner has such a fine tip that you’re able to take your time and use multiple strokes to achieve a fine line. And it stays put without feathering out. Bonus! If you haven’t tried a liquid liner before, consider this one…i’m hooked! One tip: only line your top lash..Keep your bottom lash unadorned, to keep from looking overdone.


I could share so many more favourites, but these were definite the hot ticket tonight!

Thanks friends for coming and joining us…I hope you all made at least one stop on the way home.. you all looked stunning and i hope you showed it off!!! Thanks also to Debbie of Puddle Jumpers for outfitting the kids with funky and adorable wears for the fashion show. As my 4 year old nephew, Griffin, said, “I was the best in the show”. I completely agree…you stole all our hearts with your newsboy cap and tweed blazer. Honestly, so cute!!

We also thank Veve Tas of ChocolaTas for supplying the simply divine chocolates…if you haven’t visited their stores in Abbotsford and Granville Island, you are missing out on some of the very best Belgian chocolate i have tasted. And they are as beautifully crafted as they taste good. They are edible pieces of art. (a side note: my absolute favorite is the earl grey tea chocolates. Dark chocolate ganache infused with Earl Grey Tea…heavenly). And Tina Bacon of the Pink Spatula…your marshmallows are simply put, the best. Who knew that these little fluffy squares could be so gourmet and so delectable? S’mores have taken on a new meaning! Visit Tina’s website to see where you can get your hands on her marshmallows.

Lastly, we thank Veronica and her staff at Shoppers Drug Mart- the Beauty Boutique. Wow, what a lot of work you put into such a fabulous night! We are already looking forward to next year! And yes…as we were packing up tonight, we were already brainstorming for what we all want to do next year!!! What a hoot!!! Thanks Sisters for sharing our evening with us!!