Friday Find ~ Boot Stretching!

Last year, I found this fantastic pair of Tory Burch boots at Nordstrom Rack….in Hawaii!!  Crazy to find boots in a tropical place, but I knew that after my vacay, I was going to be heading home to much cooler temps!  So, I went for it!  At half price, who could turn them down!  However, I will admit that they were a bit tight on my calves.  Apparently, it’s a rather common problem among women as our calf sizes can vary widely!  This is nothing to be embarrassed about….some women have calves that are just too muscular (not a bad problem).

I decided to take these boots to a local shoe repair shop and I got great news….they could stretch them out!  The only caveat…they needed time.  So, that’s why boot stretching is our Friday Find!  It may not quite be boot season yet, but it’s around the corner, and if you need to get your boots stretched or you find a rockin’ pair that’s just a bit snug, take them to your local shoe repair shop ASAP…. because they may have your precious footwear for up to 3 weeks!  It’s a gradual process, but SO worth it!

  • Erin Hiebert Peters

    OK, I had NO idea that boots could be stretched like that. Thank you for this suggestion. I have walked away from many a boot because they were too snug in the calf. Mine legs are short and my calves are thick. Are you willing to say which shoe repair shop you used, and how much the process costs?

    • Pam

      I took my boots to Oh’s Western Shoes and Repair in Chilliwack. It’s in the same mall as Winners. However, I’m sure if you call around to your local shoe repair shops you can ask if they stretch boots and that will save you a lot of driving around. I believe that I paid in and around $20. It’s a bit pricey, but it takes about 2-3 weeks as they have to gradually stretch the leather. It’s hard to say exactly how much they stretched them, but the boots came to just under my knee and they were difficult to zip up the last 3-4 inches. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have success with it!