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i remember back to a year ago, when Pam and i were gearing ourselves up to embark on the birth of The blogging world was so intriguing and exciting and ,yet, so foreign to us. The “foreign” part was obvious when a good friend of mine, Lisa, asked if i had heard about the Alt Summit. Ummm…didn’t have the faintest idea what she was talkin about! Steep learning curve ahead? Yes!!
Now, a year later, i can’t imagine not having the Alt Summit blog at the tip of my fingers!!! it has served as a sort of Blogging 101 tutorial for me….


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One of their posts, The Process with Kathryn Storke, was one of those things you read and you’re like YES! i needed to hear that!!! What hit home was Kathryn’s answer to the question, “What is your idea of a successful blog?” Her response? Success = staying true to her aesthetic and values…taking inspiration from life and art rather than being hung up about what other bloggers are doing. OK, needed to hear that big time. it is a leap of faith when you put yourself out there..for people to relate to you or, on the flip side, to criticize (but really REALLY hoping that there’s more love than not!). The constant following what other “successful” bloggers are doing and wondering how they reached the level and numbers that they have. Is it their style? Content? Their connections? Location? i find i can be tempted to pepper myself with those questions. Which ultimately takes away from my energy from the Sugarplums! So the blog post was a timely read to say the least. i am who i am. My style is exactly that: MY STYLE. And, my hope is to connect with those who find some sort of nugget of joy, helpfulness or interest in what i share!
So, i’m going to keep at it…looking for favorite finds, making a mess in my kitchen, travelling and exploring, sharing what makes my life “sweeter”.
Thanks to the Alt Summit Blog for providing us gems of advice, from photography to content to tips on networking! And to my bloggin friends: For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog

Now to get myself and Pam to the Alt Design Summit in January..that would be the sweetest thing these SugarplumSisters could imagine!!