Friday Find ~ Corn on the Cob

Corn is in season and it’s sweet as ever! Here’s a tip to make prepping and serving these golden morsels just a little easier:

I hosted a large group of friends this week and didn’t want to waste precious hours shucking the 30 ears of corn the day of, so i opted to do it the night before. In the culinary world, i know that’s a no-no, but i happened upon a simple way that helps preserve the sweetness and flavour while allowing you to cross it of your “prep” list beforehand.

Shuck the corn and wrap each cob in a paper towel. Run under a cold stream of water and then store in a container (with a lid) overnight.

I break the cobs into halves to make them a little more eating-friendly. Add some sugar to your pot of boiling water (just eyeball it!) and drop your half cobs in for about 7 minutes. Remove and poke skewers into the one end. I cut my skewers down to about 3/4 of the length. Stand them up on a plate and serve!

Can’t get much easier than that!