What to Wear in Italy!

I have to admit that am as giddy as a school girl!! In a couple of weeks we are heading to Italy!!! I’ve never been to Europe and it has been my dream to go for my 40th birthday. There are four couples travelling together. We have lots to celebrate…my  birthday, two 15 year anniversaries (one being Scott and Laurel’s!) and a 20 year anniversary!!

Packing for a vacation like this is a bit more challenging than your usual summer vacation. We aren’t beaching it so we need more than just swimsuits and cover ups!! We are spending part of the time in Rome and the other time in Tuscany. There will be tours, dinners and lots of driving!!!

All four of us ladies have been discussing our “Italy” wardrobes! I have to admit it’s been a rather fun excuse to shop!!! Here are some of picks for our Italian adventure!!

Pam’s picks….

Pietro Alessandro Convertible Fold-Over Tote in Taupe

I wanted a medium-sized, neutral colored, cross body tote that would accommodate my wallet and any other essentials if we are gone for several hours on a tour without being too big and killing my shoulder!  I am a bit on the short side and when I tried this on, it hung much too low on my hip.  So I took the strap to a shoe maker and had him add the buckle and holes so I can adjust the length.  It was about a $5 fix and now it’s perfect!  I purchased it from Endless on sale. It currently is not on sale, but other colors are.  I’ve even seen this bag on Hautelook.

My other pick is a pair of fun, colorful gladiators.  I also ordered these from Endless.  I’m planning on packing a fairly neutral wardrobe and then adding color with shoes and accessories and these will work perfectly.  I like ordering from Endless because they will ship to Canada.  There is a bit of a premium, but they don’t gouge you like some other companies do when you order from the US to Canada.

Sam Edelman Women's Gable Gladiator Sandal


Laurel’s picks…..

Laurel has had her eye on these Matt Bernson gladiators for several years. I’m NOT kidding. Well, waiting paid off as she got hers on sale on Piperlime. Unfortunately, they are not on sale at the moment, but it does pay to keep your eyes out and be patient if you know what you are looking for.  She wore them today to “break them in”.  I thought her whole outfit looked amazing.  How chic would she look touring the Vatican in that ensemble (considering your knees and shoulders need to be covered)!


Laurel's wearing Matt Bernson KM Gladiators. She said they feel like walking on a cloud!

Here’s a closer look at the gladiators…

Matt Bernson KM Gladiators in Tan


We’ve all chatted and figured that we should be able to each get away with bringing just one pair of higher wedges for nicer dinners.  Here is Denise’s pick…


Denise picked up these TOMS wedges.

The TOMS  Sierra Women’s Strappy Wedges can be ordered online in Canada and the US.  I have to say, once again, I LOVE the whole ensemble.  Denise topped off her dress with a collarless, fitted denim tunic from JoeFresh.  She paid under $20 for it!  That’s a perfect outfit for touring….the dress can be worn with or without the tunic.  Denise looks fantastic!

Andrea’s been considering bringing some skirts along.  Laurel and I are all about skirts as we are finding that we don’t feel totally great in shorts any more.  For me, it’s a bit of a wrinkly knee thing that I have going on!  Oh well…skirts are super cute and are perfect for a European vacation.  Here are Andrea’s picks for skirts….

Andrea found this Electric Vines Skirt at Anthropologie…I love the neon yellow color…SO fun!

How cute would this be with a simple tank and a tied denim button down?


Here’s another one…Andrea’s unsure about bringing this one, but I adore it!  It’s so fun, yet dressy…perfect for a dinner in Rome, don’t you think?


Sunblaze Lace Skirt from Anthropologie


Laurel, Andrea and Denise all have birthdays within a couple of weeks of each other.  I found them the perfect birthday gifts that they need to bring along on the trip.   But I can’t ruin the surprise here.  As soon as I can get all of the ladies together, I will have them open their gifts at the same time and I’ll post a picture!   I think they might be curious now!