Travel Essentials

i’m not sure if it’s because summer holidays are approaching or if it’s the less than decent weather we’ve been dealing with here in vancouver, but everyone is talking about gettin out of “Dodge” ASAP!! i think we’re all feeling a little desperate to find the sun!
Whatever the reason to be hittin the road, here are some travel essentials to make sure your holidays will be as stress-free as possible:

1. Luggage Scale – has anyone besides me suffered the traumatic experience of having to open your suitcase at the check-in counter to try to re-jig, remove or throw away items that have put your bags over the weight limit?? i get sweaty palms just remembering one such trip to Palm Desert….Literally trading a pair of jeans from one suitcase for a some lightweight flip flops from another, whilst about 40 people in line behind us were shaking their heads in frustration. I vowed that wouldn’t happen again, and happily it hasn’t since we got the Restoration Hardware luggage scale! This scale has paid for itself many times over!!

Restoration Hardware, $12

2. Lug Carry-on Envelopes – a friend gave me these a number of years ago..and i’m going to say… Best travel item..EVER! With the new flight safety regulations, all liquids have to be removed from your bag and put through security. Since i’ve had this set of Clear “Envelopes”, I have stored my lipsticks/glosses,, hand sanitizer, travel size lotions, etc in them. When i get up to security, it’s as easy as whipping out these envelopes. In fact, i love them so much i always carry them with me…it’s a snap when changing purses!

Lug Clear Envelopes $19. Lug also has tons of other great travel products...i'm also a big fan of their passport holders and have used mine for years!

3. Pillow/Blanket – for those long flights, it’s hard to get comfortable and, often, warm with the ever-present A/C! I love this pillow/blanket combo from Flight 001. The blanket folds up into the case, so it can be used as a pillow. Love the little pockets it has for your in-flight musts: eyeglasses, iPods, books, etc. Plus…who knows, maybe the message on the pillow will catch the attention of a flight attendant?? Hey, there’s always hoping!

Flight 001 $35

4. Packing Organization – i’m loving the Go Clean set from Flight 001. You mean i don’t need to pack a bunch of Safeway bags for my shoes? What a concept! This set comes with 2 shoe bags, a laundry bag (LOVE THAT!) and a “Stuff” bag. Keep your suitcase organized and clean. No need to vacuum out the sand when you get home. Flight 001 also has individual bags, such as the Wet Suit bag for transporting damp swimsuits and Lingerie bags…Love!

Go Clean Travel Set $58

5. Cross Body Bag – one thing i’ve learned when travelling is that i like to keep my arms free to grab luggage, fill out paperwork and corral children. Best way to accomplish this is to carry a crossbody bag…one that can fit your passport holder, your sunglasses and anything else that you might need to have quick access to. Scott found this Lucky Brand handbag for me a couple of years ago and i still use it all the time…especially when i travel. it must fit the bill for more than just me because it’s still one of their bestsellers!

Lucky Brand "Abbey Road" Handbag $178

6. Travel Water Purifier- Heading into unknown territory? The PurifiCup® Portable Natural Water Purifier is one of the cooler things i’ve happened upon. This portable system is super simple…no need to boil water or any other complicated tasks! Provides up to 11 gallons of clean drinking water. Available at Brookstone.

Brookstone - the PurifiCup Portable Natural Water Filtration System $59.99

Make your travel more streamlined, efficient and comfortable with some of our must-haves!! We’d love to hear what your travel essentials are, too!