Flying Pig ~ Yaletown

This weekend was once again a lá kids activities…girls at dance auditions and Lincoln at a hockey tournament. I woke up this morning a little blah thinking that i would be spending much of my time in the car…as, of course, hockey and dance were happening about an hour’s drive apart. Oh, how to add a little “me” time into it? Well, it all started, whilst driving..shocking… with me and my sis-in-law talking, and then obsessing about the need for a Caffe Artigiano latte. Oh, today, i just needed one!
We dropped the girls off, headed to Lincoln’s game on Vancouver’s outskirts..afterwards we looked at our watches and decided.. we had time to get ourselves into Vancouver before the next hockey game..yippee!!!
First stop: Caffe Artigiano for a Spanish latte.. ok, yum! Second stop: Anthropologie…did i mention they are chock-a-block full of colors, fabrics and jewels that would make your heart sing? Third stop: Dinner!! Where to??? A good friend sent us to the Flying Pig in Yaletown and it was a delight!

the Flying Pig located on Hamilton Street in Yaletown

the bustling eatery reminded me of New York!

Sit at the window bar to "people watch" while you eat...

The warm, yet modern restie has set itself apart with the details... drinks served in mason jars is just one of the kitschy elements

the Mt. Lehman chicken was delectable. I can find it hard to get excited about chicken, but i'm serious..this was incredibly delicious!

We shared the chicken main course so we could indulge in some "sides" as well... Crispy Brussels Sprouts with lemon, parmesan and capers on the left. For all you brussels sprouts haters, be prepared to be brought over to the dark side! And on the right, Bone Marrow Cheezy Bread...ohhh myyyy!!

Thanks, Renee, for sending us to the Flying Pig. Loved that local foods were served, and further, celebrated…loved the atmosphere..loved the company! Sometimes the best moments are the unplanned ones, yes? Today reminded me that i need to keep things spontaneous instead of waiting, perhaps until pigs fly?? ok, sorry i couldn’t resist…

Check out the Flying Pig at 1168 Hamilton Street Vancouver, BC 604-568-1344