Double Walled Beverage Servers ~ Don’t sweat it!

I have a problem…my beloved beverage tub was left outside over winter..eek! When i came upon it recently, i was horrified and then doubly so, when i counted about 20 cans of pepsi still sitting, or shall i say, swimming in seemingly greenish tinged rain water that filled the tub. Not a happy camper! A beverage tub is a MUST for summer time entertaining…i’m not pointing a finger at who is in trouble, Scott….right?????
So..the hunt for a new tub has begun..and in my web prowling, i’ve decided a double walled beverage server is the B-O-M-B! Most tubs will start to “sweat” as the water from the ice condenses. The result? A nice little pool of water that forms under and around the server. Problem solved with double walled servers.
I’ll tell you right up front: It’s going to cost you more than the standard galvanized buckets you can find. BUT…here’s the bonus: You’ll be able to use it year round inside your house! NICE! Summer outdoors only? Scrap that!! You will get your money’s there are some very aesthetically pleasing ones too! Here are some of my favourites:

Vollrath conical beverage bin   $159.99

Sleek, no profile stainless steel $83.95

17 Quart Hammered Stainless Steel $69.99

Brookstone Double Walled, Insulated Stainless Bucket $119


Finally, this is the grand-daddy of em all…and i love it:

Glacier Beverage Servers from Frontgate $159  Available in 2 sizes.