Yogurt Bar

We have a group of moms that get together on Tuesday mornings for what we call a good butt-kicking!  That’s right…Miss Jocelyn, one of our girls’ dance teachers,  comes to my house and we gather in the basement and she gets us to work muscles that we didn’t even know that we had for an hour!  We all endure through it, not only because we know that it’s good for us, but because our reward after is coffee, a healthy breakfast, and of course a good visit!  One of our favorite things to have post-workout is yogurt parfaits and over the past few months, everyone has taken turns bringing things and we’ve come up with some pretty tasty and healthy options.

For Easter brunch last month, I included a yogurt bar….make your own parfait!



For my yogurt bar I included three different kinds of yogurt, two different kinds of granola, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds, coconut ribbons and Skinny B Cereal.

I love Greek yogurt and my favorite flavor is coconut by Liberte. It really tastes almost like a dessert. President’s Choice has a really good honey Greek yogurt as well. Can’t have yogurt?  So Delicious has a coconut cultured milk that’s dairy, gluten and soy free that you can use in place of yogurt.



I buy my pumpkin seeds and coconut ribbons locally at Silver Hills, but check out stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. They are super inexpensive when you buy in bulk. I especially love the coconut ribbons. That on top of the coconut Greek yogurt and fresh berries is all you need (and lower carb without the granola).


This large bag of pumpkin seeds was only $8.06 and the coconut ribbons were $2.46


I love a really good granola and I especially like one by Terra Breads. It has whole cashews and flax and I love the chewy texture. Skinny B Cereal is great for some added crunch!  It’s gluten and lactose free, vegan, and high in iron and fibre.  Skinny B is made right here in British Columbia.



One of the best things for a yogurt bar is fresh berries…I love it when one of the moms brings in a big bowl of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. It’s such a treat and so healthy!!

Sometimes we can get so wound up about entertaining and stress ourselves out so we don’t bother doing it. Why not simplify? Have a few friends over for coffee…set out some fresh ingredients for make your own yogurt parfaits. No stress…just healthy, yummy good and great conversation!