40th Birthday Surprise

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P-H-E-W!!! Can you hear my relief?? I have to say i’ve been feeling somewhat dry in the blogging world as of late…because i’ve had PARTY on the mind! Planning Pam’s 40th birthday along with some friends has been a ton of fun, but when you have cake and flowers and food and about 10 decor projects floating around in your head, it was hard to find the time to get inspired to blog about anything else!!! So here’s my apology if you’ve sensed i’ve been distant..ha! Well, maybe i should be apologizing to Pam about that. How do you keep a huge secret from your sister/ BFF???? Alot of ridiculous white lies (did i mention i am a horrible liar??) and alot of sneakin around!
Can’t wait to see the pics that were taken, but here are the Cole’s notes on Pam’s 40th Soiree…inspired by two of my all-time favorite event planners, Amy Atlas and Camille Styles…more details and pics to come!!!

Theme: Pam’s 40th Moroccan Soiree
Caterer: Sanafir, part of the Glowbal Collection
Cake: Shannon of Baking it Real
Flowers: Esther Froese
Photographer: RaeChelle Koop raechelle_c@yahoo.ca
Decor: Andrea, Denise and Laurel
Invitations/Menus/Graphics – Becky of Stickpeople Press

Swizzle sticks for the evening's drinks were adorned with relic pics of Pam

The dessert buffet stayed true to our chosen colors: teal, orange and white. We made different desserts to compliment the beautiful cake..more info on these to come!

Goody bags included Pam's "Picks"....some of her fave, can't-be-without items

Amazing cake by Shannon of Baking it Real

Twas a wonderful night to celebrate my sissy!

  • Pam Ratzlaff

    I feel so honored to have a hubby, sister and friends that would go to all of this work to put on an amazing party for me. I’m blessed beyond measure 🙂 I’m still really taking it all in. The attention to detail was amazing! I loved the colours, the food, the cake, even the roast! Everything! I also love that there was so many DIY projects as part of this. Laurel and Jason were debriefing with me last night about searching for wood in junk yards, spray painting jars,etc! What a lot of work, but with a bit of sweat you can really pull something like this off without breaking the bank! Thanks SO much for an AMAZING party! I have two years to start planning yours, Lo! I had better start now!

  • Chrissy Borseth

    WOW That looks amazing !!!! Happy Birthday Pam