Pam’s 40th ~ the Details

Planning a party is one of my favorite things! In fact, dare i say, i might even enjoy the pre-amble more than the party itself?
It’s the creative in me…to try to come up with something that might just reflect the honored guest. Not to mention that working with our 2 close friends, Denise and Andrea, was a boatload of fun …boy, we felt like we were betraying Pam with the amount of times we got together to visit, ahem, i mean “plan”.
We wanted to keep things clean and modern..just like Pam..but of course, you’ve heard us harping about color this spring. And true to that, we wanted COLOR! Here’s what we came up with:


We loved this idea for bringing warmth to the outside…and so easy to do! From the Forge

Painted jars lined the walkway to our front door...

Treats for the guests…

Goody bags filled with nailpolish, homemade chocolate dipped toffee cookies, a teabag filled with DavidS Organic Skinny, handsanitzer and hand creme

Sanafir was the perfect fit for food. Their appetizers were delish!

Vegetable of my favorites of the night!

Special drink created for Pam: the Moroccan Sunset

Moroccan tables were inspired by Camille Styles.

The hubby's created these low lying tables. Cushions piled around made for casual Moroccan seating.

The watchdog...awaiting Pam's arrival

The Birthday Girl!

So much fun planning a party! So much more fun that Pam’s hubby provided his credit card:) Thanks, Jason, for giving us full reign to create a night that Pam would remember! And for giving us a reason to get all the “to do” things around our house actually DONE. Why oh why do i need a deadline to get things done?

Next week, we’ll highlight some of the people that added special elements to complete our Moroccan Soiree….Stickpeople Press, the Pink Spatula, Sanafir and Baking it Real… from graphics to gourmet marshallows, we feel lucky to be surrounded by such talent!

Lastly, Pam, you make 40 look pretty darn great! Even though you said you didn’t want a party, did down you did….right?? Happy Birthday and much love from your sis!! xo