Office Inspiration!

So, we are part of a family business…construction and farming, greenhouse peppers, that is. Jason, my hubby, is going to be making a move from the construction business to running the family investment company and that means his office is moving out to the farm office. The farm office was built about 8 years ago and my dad has encouraged the guys to each really make their office personal…a place that they enjoy working in. Not bad advice! Jason prefers a modern and clean aesthetic so he asked me if I could help him come up with some ideas to renovate the space. Here’s the inspiration board that I’ve come up with!

Jason's Office



So, this is a starting point! Renovations are under way and we will post the finished product!

Look for our upcoming service called iDesign by Sugarplumsisters where you can send us a pic and we’ll create an inspiration board like this for you. You could even be featured on our blog! And we’ll post pics of this office reno once it’s complete!