Easter Table

On Jason’s side of the family, we have a tradition of celebrating Easter with brunch on Good Friday.  I have always loved this idea!!  Instead of having two big meals in one day, you spread out not only the celebrating but also the food consumption!  This year it is my turn to host, so I’ve spent the last few days decorating my dining room table.  I like to take time….do a few things at a time….go away, look at it again and then decide what needs to be added, changed, etc.  I went with the theme of, let’s call it, “Rustic Glam”…..rustic and natural elements, but still hints of silver and gold with yellow accents!


I added egg ornaments from the dollar store to my crystal chandelier.


I have two of these candelabras and I use them embellished in different ways for almost every event I have. They were purchased at Target a couple years ago. Great investment!


I added a wreath and feather birds from the dollar store to the candelabra.


Each guest will receive this dark chocolate nest and Easter egg bonbon from http://www.chocolatas.com/


I found these two covered glass vases at HomeSense for $14.99 each. I stacked tea cups from my collection and my mom's. I added the yellow tulips in a vase that I already had. Luckily the proportions worked well!


I used Spanish moss from Michael's to make a nest at the top of the tea cups. I added a feather bird and some malted, speckled Easter eggs from HomeSense.


Wicker chargers add a rustic touch, while some glam is added by the mercury glass votives and the crystal chandelier.