Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day was celebrated early in our household…one of the quirks of blogging…you gotta have your material in advance!  The upside? I was able to completely surprise Scott…i mean, you’re not really thinking Valentines on Jan 22!

I decided to keep things close to home and focus on a making a relaxing, yet romantic dinner. I chose to use our bedroom, because, let’s be honest, it’s good to change things up and 2 people sitting at a big dining room table can feel a little less than intimate. I also wanted to focus on re-purposing items in my house. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to create a dining experience in y0ur own home. Look around your house with a different set of eyes…you might be surprised to find that there are ways to creatively re-use what you have already!

Here’s what i came up with:

cushions & throws make for comfy seating














These pink plates, along with the flowers, were my only purchases. Clearanced at $8 (Homesense) they added a splash of color without being too "girly"













The Elements: CLEAR GLASS TABLES and CUSHIONS taken from my living room. ~ RUG from my daughter's bedroom. ~SILVER PEDESTAL TABLE from my master ensuite. Be creative and use what you have!














Lights dimmed, candles lit and music playing helped to make our bedroom feel more like...well..not our regular bedroom!!













The silver pedestal table served as my beverage station...a candle and silver bud vase filled with tulips and mums completed the area












Gotta say...minus the kids poking their heads into the room to take pictures or ask how us "lovebirds" were doing...having an unrushed dinner in an usual setting felt like a huge treat!


























Time for one picture, just as i heard Scott driving up to the house... SURPRISE!!













Look for my Valentine’s Dinner menu and pictures coming on Sunday!! Think seafod and fire…hmmm…interesting combination??? Check back to see all the deets which i hope will be a culinary inspiration to you!