Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all! I have to admit, i’m not a huge New Years person….maybe i’m still coming off of the Christmas hoopla, but New Year’s has always seemed to be a signal to me…maybe that the break is coming to an end and the routine is about to start up again?? If you know me well, you know i cherish family “downtime”. It’s the oil that keeps this family well greased and truckin along..ok, now i’m going a little overboard. Spend a day here and you’ll pick up the chaotic vibe fairly quick!

What else do i take issue with when we’re talking New Years? Obviously, the whole resolution thing. You know what i’m talking about…gym memberships skyrocket and lululemon clears out its inventory. Weight Watchers enrollment triples while Big Macs grow cold. This lasts for about 2, maybe 3 weeks yes? So, i won’t be running to the gym…i will be maintaining my workout schedule, with the hopes that consistency will be easier now that routine has once again been established. But, I do admit that this time of year does give pause to reflect certain tweaks and changes that might be beneficial.

So..i’m putting it out there…not a huge list, but rather, 2 things that I am fully aware of that i might (just might) be ready to tackle

1. Less of this

and more of this

More family….less technology… Somewhat ironic as Pam and i have just embarked on this blog/website journey. But red eyeballs are not attractive and neither is shoo-ing the kids out of my den…. How am i going to accomplish this? Good question! I think this schedule-shunning self, is going to need to become more efficient and start sticking to a more structured working time frame. The one downside of working in the home, yes? I am up for the challenge, though!

Secondly…ugggg…this is a tough one… I do want to quit being late (GASP!) That means stop blaming the traffic lights (even though they do always turn red when i approach them), bad drivers (but there are so many of them!) and my children (how many times do i get in the car and see that Lincoln has no jacket and is wearing his shoes that Ozzy just ate for breakfast?). Time to factor in “c’est la vie” time..a buffer of sorts…let’s be honest, i need to start accounting for the random suff that interrupts me. I’m asking for baby steps here. Nothing flashy…you’re not going to see me arriving early…i just don’t want to be late!

What are the tweaks you’re needing to make? Or rather, what has you anticipating the end of 2011 and greeting 2012 as a fresh start? Here’s wishing everyone the best year ever! A year of adventure, taking chances, and meeting life’s curve balls with grace, determination and strength..