Favorite Chapstick


Sometimes i ask myself just how much personal info i want to put out there…lest i be judged forever for sharing some of my quirks, which there are all too many of.  But seeing as i find myself in good company, i’m puttin it out there. i am addicted to chapstick. In fact, i am known to get a little freaky if i can’t find some in arms distance…which is hard to believe, as i have these little tubes of “gold” hidden in most purses, pockets, glove compartments, drawers, jackets… i actually have a cosmetic bag, that is dedicated strictly to “lip care” and oh, if i forget this bag? Well, let’s just say it’s a “situation”!!

Here are some of my favorites:

Aveda Lip Saver— ever since my friend, Andrea, introduced me to Aveda Products, i’ve been a convert! And their lip balm does not disappoint. You’ll spend around $8.50 for a tube, which is up there, but, this balm really is the bomb! It lasts for hours and has a fragrance that will delight!


Eos– the new Smooth Sphere can be seen advertised all over. My sister-in-law, Jana, told me about it and it sounded appealing: 95% organic, 100% nautral…we’re all looking to keep the bad stuff out of our bodies, so it was definitely on my list. I found it at Safeway (for around $4) and now i’m fighting to keep it in my possession. My girls love it and lather it on at every opportunity..the summertime flavors are fresh and well…addicting! Thumbs up for Eos!


Burts Bees Wax Lip Balm–loaded with coconut and sunflower oils, this balm provides instant relief for dry, chapped lips. Love the peppermint tingle you get when you apply! $4.49 is a reasonable price, in both the tube and tin format. Word on the street is that this is a guy’s chapstick?!? Apparently, “Burt” has given the male species the ok on this product!


Aveeno Lip Conditioner, Essential Moisture SPF 15—  one of the main ingredients in this balm is oatmeal, which we all know is is a natural soothing agent for the skin. The added SPF helps prevent your lips from chapping…this is one that i always pack on tropical holidays! $3.79 at drugstores.


Bliss Fabulips Softening Lip Balm— The packaging insists: it’s the simplest way to get a super-soft smooch! And i am a bit of a sucker for packaging! It does cost a bit more than I’d regularly spend, $16, but i do like the feel it gave as well as the aroma. Jojoba, shea and grapeseed oils give this lip balm a non-waxy coverage.


Chapstick– the classic lip balm that doesn’t have any gimmicks or pretenses, can still be great in a pinch. The offerings are many- the nighttime formula, sand or snow lip shield with SPF50, the classic, the moisturizer..and the list goes on. For $1.80, you can afford to stock all those purses and pockets!

And not to be left off the list…the tried and true, old stand by, never-fail Vaseline. Gotta be honest, one of my chapstick quirks is that i wear lip balms during the day, but i only wear Vaseline at night. I wish i could tell you why, but it’s just a “thing” with me. I cannot go to sleep unless i have the right consistency of Vaseline applied! And, when i wake up in the morning, i still feel like Angelina Jolie..ok, that’s going too far, but it works! A note to the wise: don’t wear Vaseline out into the sun. It doesn’t have SPF in it, and actually, works for the opposite effect. And blistered lips are not what we’re going for!

So…during these cold, winter months…have fun and pucker up!