Merry Christmas to All!

Today we find ourselves in a tropical paradise celebrating Christmas!!!  Some say it’s not Christmas without snow, but I disagree.  For most of my life growing up, I celebrated Christmas in the traditional way….Christmas Eve programmes at church, opening gifts around the tree Christmas morning, extended family gatherings and I loved it. But now that I have my own family, we are building new traditions and Christmas to me is about spending it with the people I love, celebrating the most incredible gift of Jesus coming to earth. To me it’s also about the gift of time…time spent together as a family.  Christmas can be celebrated anywhere and in many different ways.  This morning, we are going to church on a beach!!  Now, that’s a new tradition I could get used to.

Laurel and Iwould like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends…and take some time to remember the real reason for Christmas!

Here are a few of our memories from Christmases past!

The girls loved their American Girls. Awesome, wholesome dolls with good values!


I think this was Jason's all time favourite gift. A camo, fleece "sleeper". He wore it all Christmas Day!














Cousins at Grammie and Pappa's house













Jason explaining the lengths he went to to get me these fabulous red shoes. Told you he's a great shopper!











Skating on our pond when it freezes....once about every 5 years!











Dylan and Melina in matching princess outfits. These matched the outfits they got for their Bitty Baby Dolls....and yes, that's Scott in the background with a Flames jersey on. Booooooo!














One of our best Christmases was our missions trip to Thailand in December 2008….

The kids performed at malls around Bangkok on Christmas Day!






























Riding elephants in Thailand....a priceless memory!


The girls made a makeshift "tree" out of the clothes butler in the hotel room!












We found one Nativity Scene in Bangkok





































Extended Family - Great Grandparents!