Chocolate Mini Lava Cakes


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We are loving minis right now when it comes to food.  That was a theme we worked off of for the food for our blog launch party.  Laurel made mini chocolate lava cakes, but we failed to take any pics.  I recently made them for a family gathering and took pics along the way.  It’s so easy!!!  They are such a rich dessert that the minis are the perfect portion (although my 13 year old nephew had 4….I loved it!).

This is the recipe that Laurel used

It is actually surprisingly easy, and the great thing is you can make up the batter a couple of hours in advance of baking them.  Just keep it in the fridge!

For our family due, I used a combination of ramekins for the adults and small stainless steel side cups from the dollar store for minis for the kids












Don't fill the containers to the top! These were a bit too full and make the cooking time a bit tricky. Fill to just over half











I washed some raspberries and mint for garnish. The lava cakes are ready to go in the oven










Dylan, my daughter, helped me plate the lava cakes. We dusted them with icing sugar, added a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, a few raspberries and a spring of mint. Tada!!











Be very careful not to overcook them!  You want the chocolate to ooze out when you take the first bite!