Men’s Christmas Gift Guide

So….we don’t want to forget about the men in our lives, but let’s be honest: Why is it so difficult to buy for them? Scott never wants anything…except for huge ticket items. Why is this?? And why do i have the intense feeling of wanting to scratch my eyeballs out when i’m looking for gifts?? Seeing as i’ve been pondering this phenomenom for some time without results, I have diverted my energy and spent some time searching for some pretty cool gifts that won’t break the bank, but may see your man break into a smile! Here’s my list:

1. Beardo Beanie Hats- $35.99-$45.99  My hubby would think this was pretty cool. Functional, because it actually provides some face protection from the elements, but definitely a conversation piece. I have to’s rubbed off on me. Bonus: it’s made in Canada. It’s inception took place on the slopes of Whistler. No longer limited to snowboarders, these hats are selling at breakneck speed. Bonus Bonus: the beard is detachable!

Beardo Beard Hat $39.99












2.  Nixon Watch- The 51-30 Tide  $600.. One of the largest face watches you’ll find…apparently, that makes it super cool…to most men! The black on black is striking…this one’s a thumbs up.











3.  The Golf Buddy GPS Rangefinder $ 349.99    If your husband golfs and he likes gadgets, he needs this!!!












4. McManus Swiss Bread Bag $89US  Say what?? What exactly is a bread bag? We love this because it’s a catchall for the guy who’s carrying his ipad, phone, wallet, etc… not to be confused with a “Murse”, this is what i’d call a smartened up backpack! These bags are made from materials used in the WW11..deconstructed and put back together..own a piece of history.









5. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Earphones $349.99 .. I can say that i wasn’t a believer until i tried them…they are awesome! Whether on a plane, or watching a movie while your spouse is trying to sleep (not that i would know..ok, yes, this is me!)  they both knock out any unwanted noise and provide extra clarity to what you’re listening to!









6. Jack Spade Leather Bill Holder $145,default,pd.html?dwvar_NYRU1074_color=100&start=2&cgid=gift-guide Kate Spade’s husband has brought the same element of fun and cheer that she is known for, to his new line. We love the fun element of this wallet…for the guy that likes to be different!

Cool bill holder that covers as matchbox












7.  Choose an Iphone case…have fun with it! Here are some of our picks:

Jack Spade Woody Iphone 4 Case $40,default,pd.html?dwvar_PYRU0185_color=200&start=8&cgid=stocking-stuffers&prefn1=material&prefv1=plastic%7cWood

Jack Spade










Quicksilver 4 G Iphone Case $30

Quicksilver $30











Lifeproof’s Iphone 4 Case for those who need the ultimate protection for their phone $79.99 The LifeProof Case’s claim to fame is that they are brutally tough (waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and snowproof)

Lifeproof cases withstand the elements









8.  Cashmere Sweater   $160-$228  Men love cashmere too..treat them with one of these sweaters!

Choose from 8 colors..











9. Mind-bending wine holder  $20.99 Check out this very cool wine holder…

Chain is locked into place!











10. Frye Boots…hey, a guy deserves a good pair of boots, too!! Here are our 2 picks:

Fulton Chelsea  $218 US We love the distressed finish!

Available in brown or black







Or the traditional Harness 8 Boot  $228 US  These boots are an investment…they will be worn for years!!

Black and Brown available












A couple great stocking stuffer ideas:

Luggage Scale $12  Your $12 will be well spent when you don’t have to pay the overweight baggage charge!!










Whiskey Stones $24.99 Keep your drink undiluted and chilled with these soapstones.