Sock Bun Curls ~ Who Knew??


Who knew curls could be so easy?? Recently, I was checking out one of my favorite pages on Facebook: Nordstrom.. and the question was posed: What is your go-to hairdo for a night out on the town?  The answers were numerous and fairly standard…blah blah blah, until one jumped out at me. SOCK BUN CURLS… can’t say I had ever heard of it. So…did a little “googling” and found out its the new “no heat” answer to getting soft, glamorous curls.

The supplies needed: a sock…and some hair! My girls, 12 and 10, were willing participants to try it out (plus I do believe there was a certain amount of satisfaction they got from cutting old school uniform socks up!).

Here’s how it went!


All you need is a sock!


Cut the toe off the sock...then roll the sock into a "doughnut" shape



Put your hair into a ponytail on the top of your head...

Pull the ponytail through the doughnut

Starting at the top, pull the hair ends over the sock and start rolling down. Each time you roll, you will have more hair collected. If pieces fall out, just push them into the roll with your finger

All done for the night! It actually makes a beautiful bun that you could wear out!!

Alexis sporting her step: go to bed and sleep on it! Because the bun is so high, it's not uncomfortable!

And…….the next morning, just roll the sock out!
Beautiful curls!

Not bad for an old sock, hey??