My Black, Yes Black, Christmas Tree!

A couple of years ago, I purchased this prelit tree from HomeSense.  Our house does not have great, large spaces for Christmas trees, so this narrow version was perfect and I loved the uniqueness of the black.  As you can see it goes well with the décor in my living room.


I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that after the Christmas season, we just carry the tree, fully decorated, to the basement and leave it there until we bring it back upstairs for the next Christmas.  Sometimes efficiency rules over creativity!

This tree needed some help!












When we brought it up this year, I knew it was time for some changes.  That boa had to go!!!!


I spent just $80 on some additional ornaments to kick this tree up a notch!

The tree after I tweaked it.












I've never found a tree topper that I've liked. But I really love this bird is from Hudson Madison $20. I like that you can curve the feathers to suit your tree.











I used three different birds on the tree.












Mercury glass and feather bird from HomeSense $3.99









White clip on bird from Hudson Madison $3









"Glass" birds with feathers inside from HomeSense, set of 3 for $7.99