Halloween Rice Krispies

Let me introduce you to one of the most creative people I’ve ever met…she also  happens to be a great friend! We bond over both burpees and kick-ball-changes…bootcamp Tuesdays and hiphop Thursdays..survivable by the coffee and visits that follow!!

Linh Randhawa is the mother of 2 beautiful girls, Keira and Ava, and she is always coming up with the most amazing creations for the kids. Her talents don’t end there…and we are often the beneficiaries of her kitchen skills! Who knew healthy could taste so good? Look for us to feature some of her recipes in the very near future. But for now, we’re sticking with the season and had to show off her Rice Krispy 3-Eyed Monster Pops! Not only are they cute as all get out, but they taste good too…your kids will be squealing with delight!


Linh's Rice Krispy Three Eyed Monster Pops!


Directions: Follow Rice Krispy recipe.  Add green food coloring into the marshmallow mixture and stir until color is even.  Mould into ugly shapes around a lolly stick. For an added surprise add an aero chocolate in the middle…yum!  Use gel edible glitter pens for bloody mouths and eyes. Very easy and fast! A must: Wear gloves and make sure to butter your gloves so when forming  the shapes, the Rice Krispies won’t stick to your hands. Linh says it is perfect to make with the kids, “We made them all from start to finish in 30mins..easy to make with kids..even Ava made some!”

Check your local candy store for lolly sticks and eyeballs… for you locals, they were purchased at Scoop-N-Save in Langley, BC (20258 Fraser Highway #103)


The kids will love them!


Thanks, Linh, for sharing….we think they’re pretty great! And quick and easy? That’s a bonus. Happy Halloween!