Laurel Edwards and Pam Ratzlaff are style bloggers from the lush suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. Simply put, we enjoy living the sweet life!

We are adventurous travelers, long time interior designers, fashion hounds and self-professed (or shall we say, self-confessed) foodies. First and foremost, we are sisters and BFF’s.

Let’s just say there are many things that can keep us both chattering incessantly on the phone and emailing back and forth until the wee hours of night…while our husbands are asleep and dreaming of sugar plum sisters.. I mean fairies.

On the flip side, we can be pretty different.
Splurge (Laurel) vs Steal (Pam)
Organized (Pam) vs Let’s call it spontaneous (Laurel)
Tall (Laurel) vs Short (Pam)..hey, you gotta shop for different styles!!
We think this means we’ve got you covered!

We love to cook, bake and entertain. It’s important to us to use the freshest, best quality ingredients available. We love to show you how you can entertain with minimal stress with fantastic food!

We desire to inspire women to look and feel their best and often your outfit sets the stage for your day! It’s a rewarding challenge to combine high and low pieces to create a polished look!! Putting an effort in makes a difference!

Sugar plums…a small “confection”…. a treat to sweeten your day. We’re always on the hunt…always looking to make your life better. Sweet deals or extravagant treat…it’s your choice. Living the sweet life!