sps_aboutlaurelStarting a blog with my sister and BFF has been a one of life’s great experiences! I’d say I’ve come a long way, baby! It was, after all, scarcely a decade ago when I was asked offhandedly if I received a lot of spam. What on earth did canned meat have to do with email??? Uh-oh.
Truthfully, a combination of following my heart, a little healthy fear and a ton of excitement to share my finds and faves has brought me here. Since beginning in October of 2011, I feel like this has become a place to share not only lovely and beautiful things, but also to share a part of myself. Connecting with people through the blog is a gift I didn’t anticipate. And I think it might just be what I love the most!

My interest….love….passion….ok, obsession of clothing, eats and all things delightful has been both building and evolving for as long as I can remember. From working for Tommy Hilfiger in its late 1990’s hayday to over a decade of commercial and residential interior design, to exploring many parts of the globe and planning for more, these experiences, coupled with an insatiable appetite to uncover the latest and greatest, bring me to Sugar Plum Sisters.

Looking forward to giving you the dish!!

Laurel’s – Plum picks

  • Maxi dresses
  • Tori Burch ballet flats
  • Well mani’d nails…all the time
  • Beach vacations
  • An Americano coupled with a good book
  • White, in all its glory
  • Experiencing new foods and resties wherever my travels take me. Food is central to a great night.
  • Statement jewelry…JCrew, Bauble Bar and Anthro fuel my addiction

My husband and 3 children, aged 14, 12 and 9..and our mutt ”Ozzy”.. these are the highest priority for me.. They are the greatest joys…and the ones who challenge me the most…they are definitely the “sweetest” addition to my life. And not to forget our mutt “Ozzy”…he’s pretty cute…when he behaves!

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