SPS Gift Guides 2015 – the little ones

We had a lot of fun getting ourselves up to speed on what’s the rage for little kids. It’s been a bit since we’ve been out of that stage…and wow, do things change fast! I was happy to call on some lifelines, my two sisters in law, who have young uns. So I thank them for helping this mama out! It’s tough to decide what i think might be my favourite… though i think the cardboard taco stand might just make me clap my hands. Really…i would have died for this as a kid…and am pretty sure the adults would get on board to play “taco stand”. Who doesn’t want one??  A sleeping bag is also a gift of practicality (it will be used for years), but kept fun with the plush bear pillow. And if you have a little sassy pants in your home, the “Bye Felicia” might be more than appropriate!!

kids gift guide2015 collage_edited-3

top row: | Tent | Leggings | Baseball Tee | Hat |

middle row: | Sweep Set | Scooter | Sleeping Bag & Pillow | Book | Speedster |

bottom row: | Taco stand | Doll Blanket | Backpack | Socks |


And let’s not forget about the fresh ones… they may be tiny and they may not know if they’re getting a gift, but it’s your chance to treat them (or yourself?) to some of the amazing creations out there. If i could turn back the clock, i wish there would have been more handcrafted and unique items like this when my kids were babies. Gold dotted moccasins? A modern yet adorably crafted rocker? An organic dip-dyed blanket? All so beautiful and yet functional at the same time.  Hope one of these inspires you to wrap something under the Christmas tree for the wee ones…



little gift guide 2015 collage_edited-3

top row: | hat | jacket | sleeper|

middle row: | moccasins | rocker | teether |

bottom row: | blanket | book | pillow |