10,000 Steps


What do i like about exercise? Well…i might have to think on that one a bit. Truth is, it’s a struggle for me. The last 6 months i have been downright inconsistent with my exercise routine. While you might think i had a good excuse for skipping out, it wasn’t a good decision on my part. Maybe i didn’t miss the actual exercise itself, but certainly the beneficial byproducts were sorely missing .

What benefits? Let me list the ways…

Mental Health. Since i have struggled with anxiety, exercise has become pivotal in keeping myself healthy. There is no doubt that “moving” has a therapeutic effect. I feel a noticeable decrease in my stress and worry when i consistently throw my runners on and “do” something. There’s chemical reasoning to this. But quite simply, it is time to breath in fresh air, do some uninterrupted thinking and just take in nature.

Sleep. It has been a thorn in my side for the last number of months. Unexplainably i’ve started to wake up in the middle of the night in a bit of a panic. Falling asleep has also become a challenge. Is this a sign of aging?? Menopause?? I’m going to fight it every step of the way. There is no denying that my sleep improves when i am more active. Not only do i fall asleep quicker, but i wake up feeling more rested.

Boosts Energy. When i get my move on in the morning, i find that i can get through the day without having to nap (chemo and the other therapies i have been on have depleted my reserves and i have found it almost impossible to make it through the day without having a mid-day sleep). Maybe it’s revving up my system or maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment that gives me a jolt of adrenaline, but whatever the case, it makes a marked difference.

If i could sum it up in one sentence, my hubby and kids think i come home a nicer person!

A bonus is that walking has been a time to invest in relationship too. Whether i walk with my girls, or my sis or my friends, it is time spent together. Which is way more meaningful than sitting on my couch scrolling through instagram.

I’ve become a little obsessed with reaching 10,000 steps. It’s do-able but does require some effort. Everything good in life does! i think it’s worth it when you feel the rewards in such a physical and emotional way! 10,000 steps. There’s something motivating about having a specific goal. It gives me the chance to keep track of my activity and realize when i have had a more sedentary day. More than once a  late evening walk has been in order to meet the 10,000. Which is good because without that benchmark in mind, the walk wouldn’t happen.

Hope this post is viewed as a challenge. Dig that pedometer out, put on your Apple watch or your Fitbit…tie up the laces and let me know if you feel better. I’m betting you will xo