Blanket Scarves

blanket scarf7

I love wearing a scarf…i always ALWAYS have an extra packed in my purse or’s almost like a security blanket. Don’t leave home without it. This year’s version of the scarf is big and textured and cushy, just like your favorite blanket. The blanket scarf is pretty much my way of staying cozy and warm without looking like a shrub. It’s perfect for our west coast winters, too. I can forgo a big bulky jacket on the more mild days and wrap myself up with a nice warm sweater as a base.

blanket scarf3


blanket scarf2

Change the look easily by wearing the blanket scarf more like a shawl. I love wearing this look indoors as i tend to get cold easily…this warms me up in a jiffy! If i’m honest, i’ll tell you that i’ve also used it to cozy up for a nap!

blanket scarf13


| Scarf | Boots (similar here) | Black Denim | Denim Button Down | Sweater : old (similar here the elbow patches!)