Time Away

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Last week, Scott and i were able to sneak outta town for a couple of days…if i’m honest i’ll say that Scott kinda insisted after dealing with my non-committal ways for a number of weeks. There never seems to be an easy time to get away just him and me…our kids schedules are hard to “put onto” someone else. And there’s always this feeling of guilt that i have at the thought of leaving them. But….it is something that Scott is adamant about: the two of us spending a couple of days alone…once a year. And i’m ever so grateful that he is like a dog with a bone with making it happen! Not only is it incredibly awesome to have time with my  guy without distraction but…i KNOW that i come home a better mom.  Well, let’s expand that…i might even come home a better person in general!

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I have to say, we work the mini-vacy to our advantage. In the morning, Scott leaves with his golf clubs at the crack of dawn. I, on the other hand, wake up when i’m ready, put on some workout clothes and go for a good long walk. This time i walked for my coffee! Oh..that is the best type of morning…warm sun, a good walk, great coffee and NO schedule! Some think i’m odd for loving this time alone. But i know me…and moments of solitude like this are so good for my soul! Scott comes home about 4 hours later happy as a pig in mud…he finds me at the pool engrossed in a good book and guess what? I’m happy as a pig in mud too!

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The rest of the day we spend together…and this time we got lots of Christmas shopping done in amongst some great dinners. I’m amazed at home much ground we covered..in area..but also in conversation too. If i can share my humble advice with you, i’d love to encourage you all to find a way to get away from the kidlets..even for a day or two. It may not be getting on a plane..a car is fine too!! No excuses. When our kids were just babies, i would fret about how it would come together…three little kids..that’s asking a lot of anyone, yes? And i would be stressed at leaving my babies too…do good moms leave their kids??

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Every year, it HAS come together and we have been blessed to have some pretty awesome family or friends step in and help us out! And dare i say, i can’t remember a time that our kids have called begging us to come home. In fact this last week, my girls told me to stop facetiming them and just “be one with the desert”! I was told repeatedly that they had it all under control. Ok, cool. They don’t need me anymore! Just kidding…it certainly helped assauge any guilt i had been feeling. Ps that guilt is unfounded anyways, so best to get that monkey off my back!

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All of this to say that the way to Scott’s heart is by giving him time.  And i am so glad that he places a high priority in ensuring that we have a couple of days every year where its just the two of us…it can get so chaotic in our daily routine that staying connected can be trying right?  Do you make it a point to get alone time with your mate? If so, what does it look like for you? A couple days away? Regular date nights? How do you stay connected? I’d love to hear what your connecting points are?

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Outfit Details

Tee: Je t’aime by SPS/Partners&Hawes

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Pants: JBrand old (similar here or here )

Shoes: Nordstrom

Handbag: Lloyd & Wolf Crossbody


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