Friday Find- Workout Tee

My opinion remains: if you have cute workout gear, you have no excuse to not use it! Its meant to be more of a self motivating statement for none other than yours truly. Some days it works, others not! Every Thursday a group of us lady friends go to bootcamp..on the days that i feel too tired to go, its the Starbucks that we go out for after that lures me there (i admit that once i’m at bootcamp, i’m always glad i’m there…but some mornings, its the social time and the cuppa joe that speak my language!)

target tees collage




This easy open back tee from Target is perfect for workout to coffee. I grabbed one about a month ago, and then thought people might tire of seeing me in it ALL the time, so i went back for a white one! The price is right at $24.99 CDN ($16.99-$19.99 US) but more than that, the crossover back is super cute…the fit is loose and perfect for throwing over your tank or wearing on its own.

Pam liked it so much she bought one too…SPS approved!

target tee