Sweet Start

The dog days of summer are here… Wait. It’s not even a month into spring…i may be getting a bit ahead of myself?! But this weekend, we were gifted with weather that could be described no other way than glorious. It. was. beautiful. This weekend was also filled with a full schedule that could have made me a little nutty. What stuck out to me heading into these last couple days though, was a quote i came across on Pinterest:

beauty is within everything and everyone.  we just have to take time to find it.  humans rush too much, we need to take a break to rest our weary brains and stressed out souls.  we need to take time to appreciate everything. 

dogs life

And so, i set out to carve out little moments to do just that…and it was seriously a gift to myself. Saturday late afternoon i caught a moment that is the literal epitome of the dog days of summer… Ozzy loves the sun and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with finding the time to enjoy it. Watching him was contagious…and we soaked in some rays together.

A spontaneous evening spent with good friends was also food for the soul…the sound of kids playing outside in the warm evening? Pretty much awesome!

And catching the last light yesterday eve, sitting on my back patio steps eating a late dinner…well, i took a moment to look at my fam and just say a silent thank you to the heavens…that i could call these peeps my clan.

It was a reminder for me to look through these different lenses more often..more so a reminder to know that the beauty is always there. It’s up to me to push “pause” …being busy is a lame excuse. People have often asked me why i blog? What’s the upside? I have come to realize one of the biggest perks (unforeseen when i originally set out) is getting into the habit of looking for something, big or small, that is beautiful every day. Sometimes its something obvious…other times it’s looking at the same ole thing, but just seeing it different. That’s been a tremendous gift.

Can i challenge you to look for something within the obvious or not this week that gives you a moment of joy? Little or big..no restrictions..i’d love to hear what brings a thrill to you in an otherwise scheduled week xo