Furbish Studio

Furbish teen bedroom

Could this teen bedroom be any more perfect? Jaime Meares from Furbish designed this bedroom and was recently featured in Domino Magazine.  Image


Laurel and I were fortunate enough to meet the lovely ladies from Furbish Studio at the Alt Summit in January!  I attended a dinner that they hosted and was spoiled by their southern hospitality!  I love the founder Jaime Meares’ eccentric approach to interior design…that your home should really be layers of collected items that reflect you….and, this is a new one for me…that your home is never really “done”….it should be constantly changing and evolving.  Add a cushion here, change up a print there!!  This is such a new and refreshing approach especially since the rise of large box furniture stores! Furbish Studio carries a wide range of curated items from statement necklaces to sofas.  Here are my current obsessions at Furbish right now….


Furbish faves


Confetti Cake Plate

Lucite Tape Dispenser

Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail Glass Set

Rainbow Stripe Pillow

Gold Leather Pouf

Bright Square Trays

Gold Leafed Bar Cart

Mable Bib Necklace

Too Legit Print

Furbish’s hashtag at Alt was #DARETOMIX ….go on…I dare you!!