Waffle Bar

waffle bar

Photo from Veronica Yem


A few weeks ago some friends invited us and a few other families over for “pew” breakfast….breaky after church….waffles and bacon! It was such a treat. We had friends over just before Christmas for brunch. I was inspired by the “pew” breakfast as well as a photo from Veronica Yem on Pinterest of a waffle far.   Here’s my take on it…


waffle bar1


waffle bar2


I had fun with the toppings…


waffle bar3


waffle bar5


  • salted buttermilk syrup
  • chocolate lavender sauce
  • Cookinotti – caramelized crushed cookie spread
  • peanut butter – my personal fave

And of course you have to include the classics…


waffle bar4


  • freshly whipped cream
  • berries
  • syrup
  • butter

Oh, and don’t forget to serve the waffles with thick cut bacon!!




At the “pew” breakfast we had a bacon-off, testing out two different kinds of thick cut bacon and my family voted for Lepp Farm Market….so that’s what I’m serving from now on!  It doesn’t matter how much bacon you make, there’s never any left over!

I covered our island with craft paper and doodled the steps and labelled the toppings.   Setting up a waffle bar is a simple and fun way to entertain….quite perfect for a New Year’s Day brunch!