Sweet Start- Lest We Forget

Remembrance Day. What does it mean to you? Our family has been spared the first hand touch that so many other families have endured as their loved ones have served and have lost their lives in the line of duty. In order to protect their country. The people of their nation. People like me.  This Remembrance Day, I am thankful for the courageous men and women that have given me my freedom, at the cost of their own lives. To honour them and their families. And to encourage and voice my gratitude to those that are still in the midst of safeguarding the peace that we experience each and every day. We are safe. We are free.



In light of Remembrance Day, this weekend, it seemed even more apropos that we spend time enjoying the liberties that we have. Growing up, Sundays were a day where we often ate together with other family and friends after church (church…there’s a huge freedom for which i’m extremely grateful). And, while at a young age, the complete treasure of these moments was somewhat unappreciated, my love for this re-ignited yesterday. The art of spontaneous entertaining is a fading one… thank you to dear friends for adding our fam to an after church brunch. The warm welcome, with delicious food and the laughs, the conversation, the “being together” formed a neatly wrapped package that made my heart full! Here is to supping in great company more…without fanfare or over-planning or slaving over exotic and confusing new recipes. Today’s brunch represented familiarity, comfort, a simpleness that was food for the soul.



Hungry little hands gathered…




I hope Remembrance Day gives you a moment to take pause and remember in gratitude those who have allowed us to do “life” in peace. Lest we forget. Wishing all of you a wonderful week xo