Christmas Booster Brunch

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The elves are at work. We are excited to be planning our second Booster Brunch. What is a Booster Brunch you ask? Pam and i felt that what many of us need is a boost…time spent with other women in a more intimate setting where we could enjoy great food and hear some inspiring words. A couple hours where women could take pause in the hustle and bustle of routine and feel encouraged and pampered and appreciated! We held our first brunch in my home this past spring and have been talking about when the next one would be ever since. Here we are finally…about 8 months later! That’s life right?

Nonetheless we think Christmas is actually a perfect time to host our second brunch and thus, the party planning begins!

We’d love for some of our sisters to join us! If you would look forward to an afternoon of rejuvenation, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Comment and let us know who you would bring with you! We will drawing some names and can’t wait to hear who we will be brunching with! December 9th is the day…


Happy Friday xoxo


  • jessica n

    Ohhhhh I would love some me time, as selfish as that sounds.. haven’t had a girl’s since my son was born and he’s almost 2 so so sad!! Haha I would bring my bestie who I know needs and so so deserves some downtime just for herlsef, good food and laughs!! Plus we can never plan a time to get together! What a fantastic idea!!:)

  • Angela

    I had the pleasure of attending the Booster Brunch in the spring and I would selfishly love to come to another one. I came away from that table feeling like no one can do it all and when things go off the rails it will all work out. No one is perfect and that is ok! If I got the treat to come to another one I would bring Shelby so she can learn from the wealth of knowledge and be inspired by the women at that table:)

  • Rachel

    Sounds fun!! After an emotionally draining fall, the thought of a boost sounds lovely! I think I would bring my friend Lindsay. 🙂

  • Jody Carson

    If I’m looking for a boost, I spend some time with my dear friend Tina. She would be a pleasure to have at your brunch and bring some serious inspiration and perspective to what real grace under fire looks like. I’ve never met you girls but I love anyone who takes the time to bless and encourage those in need of a pick me up, and I’ve seen you do that on numerous occasions for my friend. It’s her birthday that week and this would be an outing I know she would enjoy.

  • Debbie

    I would bring my good friend Catherine .She is busy preparing our youth for confirmation in the spring.She is always prepared to lend an ear and helping hand. She deserves to have an awesome day out!!!

  • Andrea

    I would so love to come to this and enjoy a brunch with the 2 of you – really a break from 25 energetic (and cute!) 5/6 year olds would be so lovely! But, alas I work that day ! In my absence I would like to offer 2 names of friends that would thoroughly enjoy and deserve a break – Joanne and Rebecca . Thank you for the way that you go out of your way to encourage and inspire others.

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  • Janice

    I would love to join you girls for a boost. I would bring my friend Frieda We have held each other up through many challenging days over the past year…or two

  • Jacquie

    Hmmmm – sounds super awesome!! Who would I bring… well that depends on who is free that day!! But I love all of my friends and feel privileged to be loved by many!!

  • Laura

    Now this sounds like something I desperately need to hear. Would love to be there with you ladies and especially to hear Andrea share.

  • Diane

    This sounds like the perfect boost! I would bring my friend Sarah! She is going through some serious health issues but is always there for everyone else…..what a perfect way to give her a boost.