Sweet Start – Labor Day

labor day10

Happy Labor Day Monday friends! The last day before school starts. It’s so cliche but really, where DID summer go? As always, it seemed to pass in the mere blink of an eye. It’s been a fully packed 2 months…we jammed in as much as we could…mostly, i jammed as much into my belly as possible! Seriously, the silver lining to all this september/routine/normalcy stuff is that i’m back on track with eating. Ok, not today…it’ll start tomorrow. My body is ready for it…the rest of me is dramatically throwing a fit, you know, trying to hang onto summer.

At the same time, i’m excited for what the rest of the year has to bring. The SPS are busy planning some upcoming events: a cooking class at Lepp Farm Market and our Beauty Night with Stila Cosmetics/Shoppers Drug Mart are both in the hopper right now and we’re working on making them both fabulous! We’re also planning our second Booster Brunch where we can welcome some of you sisters into our homes for a time of good food and inspirational words. Lots to look forward to.

Celebrating our grandpa’s 90th birthday this past weekend was a completely apropos way of topping off the summer break. Why, i’ve never been to a 90th birthday party before!! 32,850 days of living…wow!  What a legacy has been created in that time.  The stories recounted the depths of  hardships he endured to make it to a country where there was safety and a chance for a better life…to provide for a his family…to stay true to his faith. It is a remarkable journey that he has walked. He has made those thousands of days count. What a thrill to celebrate! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

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 Love that Grandpa got down with the great grandkids!

labor day


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 Summer just isn’t summer without rollkuchen…and Rogers golden syrup…

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labor day16Yep, summer was fleeting, but it was good.