Sweet Start ~ Making it Happen!

cultus morning
This for us is the second to last weekend before school starts…and I have found myself mourning the end of summer and trying to cram in every last possible thing in that our family has wanted to do before the regular routine starts.  This weekend, we seriously accomplished a lot!  And it was all super fun!  I actually said to Berkeley last night….well, we sure made it happen this weekend!

Friday we were part of an underwater photoshoot with one of the girls’ dance teachers who has some pretty cool equipment that she has been wanting to test out. I thought it was just going to be the girls involved, but she asked Lo and I to model too! Ok, knee jerk reaction…I immediately said no at and laughed but she was serious about shooting Lo and I. Once I found out I’d be wearing a dress or have yards or fabric wrapped around me, I thought, hey why not? Let’s just say there was a $20 Craigslist wedding dress, a broken saxophone, underwater lights, scuba gear and sushi involved!  Not your standard Friday night, but super fun! Hopefully we will be able to share some photos soon!


Underwater shoot

Dylan was so excited to be a part of the underwater photoshoot. Jason got to pull out the scuba gear to assist.

Saturday Mac and Jason were up and at ’em before 7am for rep hockey try outs, the girls had dance then we headed to join our friends at their lake house with Scott and Lo and a total of eight kidsl! It’s a tradition for us to spend some time with our friends at Cultus Lake each summer and it’s something our kids soooo look forward to! We were sad to be missing another dear family that usually joins us, but we’ll make sure it happens next year!

When I think of Cultus, I think of…

  • kids going to the candy store and the moms raiding their loot
  • taking pictures of the kids against the log fence and the moms’ frustration level rising as the younger kids make funny faces…ok, this year it was actually the hubbies that just couldn’t behave for the pics
  • sitting around the fire until super late
  • going to bed smelling smoky
  • that first cup of coffee on the dock in the morning…the lake perfectly still and smooth like glass


coffee cultus


Sunday morning Jason and Scott and the boys had to head to the rink for try outs again and later that afternoon, the girls had dance again.  But we all joined up again for pizza before we headed back home.   I love that the kids are pursuing their passions and that we can help them do that. And it was even better that in the middle of their stuff, we could get away and continue a family tradition.

It was such a diverse and fun weekend…and I’m so pleased we could make it happen…and cross a few more things off our summer bucket lists!!  Here’s to one more week without the regular routine and to resting up and just taking a deep breath….